Brand new recycling solutions

AT CENTRAL PASILA, there is a new, innovative pipeline-based waste collection system which introduces hi-tech into waste management on an unprecedented scale. 

Using an underground pipe network, waste travels to the waste collection station in a flash. Trucks gather the waste and transport it onwards – waste is utilized as recycled material, incinerated for energy or converted into biogas. 

The traditional waste bins disappear from the yard and the truck traffic in the vicinity of the houses is reduced considerably. The system is easy to use, safe and silent to operate. The effect on residents’ every-day living comfort is clear.

The waste collection points are usually located in connection to the exits in each block. The residents sort out the waste –biowaste, paper, carton packages, plastic packages and mixed waste – and take them to the appropriate waste collection point. That’s all one needs to do – the waste collection points empty themselves, automatically. Traveling at 70 km/h, the waste is whisked away to the waste collection station to their designated waste containers. Trucks pick up the full containers from the station and transport the waste for further processing.

Sorting correctly is important

There are five separate waste collection hatches, please be careful not to mix them up. 

The units are colour coded based on the type of waste collected.

Lajittelu kartonki.

Kartong packages

Milk and juice cartons, cereal and cookie packages, sugar and flour bags, pastry boxes, egg cartons, cardboard packages of beverages, paper roll cores, plastic surface wrapping paper, paper bags.


Rinse liquid containers after use, flatten and place them inside an empty container. Tear up pizza boxes before placing them in the tube.

Lajittelu paperi.


Newspapers, magazines, advertisements, brochures, catalogues, copy and drawing paper, soft-cover books, paper bags and envelopes made of white paper.


Avoid blocking the tube – throw papers loose or in small unbound bundles. Do not place them in brown paper bags orplastic bags.

Lajittelu biojäte.


Leftovers from meat, fish, fruit, bread and vegetables; eggshells, coffee grounds, filter bags, kitchen paper, cut flowers.


use a bag designated for biowaste; be sure to close the bag carefully.

Lajittelu muovi.

Plastic packages

Empty, clean and dry plastic food packaging, detergent, shampoo and soap packaging, plactic bottles, cans and jars, plastic carrier bags, bags and wrappings. Caps, covers and pump parts separately.


Pack plastic packaging into a plastic bag before placing it in the tube.

Lajittelu sekajäte.

Mixed waste

Plastic bags, diapers, dirty packages, small plastic items.


A regular plastic bag is well suited for the task – but leave one third (1/3) of the bag empty and close it carefully.

Take care of the tube

ACCORDING TO Finnish legislation on waste management, biowaste and mixed waste must be placed in a bag. Biowaste must have its own, biodegradable bag; mixed waste can be placed in e.g. regular grocery store plastic bags. The plastic packages should also be placed in a plastic bag.

The waste hatch will only accommodate one bag (with a size of no more than 20 liters) at a time. You cannot place any long or large items in the system; they belong in the sorting room.

You CAN NOT place any of the following items/materials in the tube: mattresses, Christmas trees, clothes, ice hockey sticks, umbrellas, folders, tree branches, corrugated board, pans, polystyrene, toasters or other devices/appliances and hazardous waste.

1 Sorting out at home

Sorting out the waste at home is the corner stone for efficient recycling. Please consider which category the waste belongs to before it leaves your home and build a home sorting out system which works for you. Remember to recycle also the waste that does not go into the tube.

Biowaste – Use a bag designated for biowaste. Close the bag carefully.

Paper – Do not use a brown paper bag or a plastic bag.

Carton packages – Rinse liquid containers after use, flatten and place them inside an empty container.

Plastic packages – Rinse plastic packages after use. Caps, covers and pump parts separately.

Mixed waste – A regular plastic bag is well suited for the task but leave one third (1/3) of the bag empty and close it carefully.

2 At the hatch

When waste is sorted out with appropriate care, it is easier to recycle. Check the designation on the hatch to determine the right hatch and place the waste in the tube. Please take into consideration the size of the bag already during the sorting out process, since a bag that is too large can block the system. Don`t clog up the tube. You can always call the Help Desk, if you are not sure what is the right course of action. 

Biowaste – The drier the biowaste, the better the system works.

Paper – Drop paper one bundle at a time.

Carton packages – Take large cardboard items into the sorting room.

Plastic packages – Pack plastic packages into a plastic bag before placing it in the tube.

Mixed waste – Long objects can easily jam up the system.

3 Other waste

All types of waste have their own designated routes of recycling. The reuse centre, the Sortti- sorting stations, hazardous waste collection points, the HSY touring collection vehicles circulating in the Spring and stores are places meant for other types of waste. It is worthwhile to learn the waste collection points’ receivable waste categories in advance.


Large and small reusable items – To the reuse centre


Large waste items and brown cardboard (those that won`t fit in the waste tube) – To the sorting room

Glass packages – To the sorting room

Small metal items – To the sorting room

Hazardous waste – To the hazardous waste collection points, Sortti- sorting stations or HSY`s touring collection vehicles

Batteries – To the store

Small electric and electronic junk – To the store, reuse centre or HSY`s touring collection vehicles

Large electric and electronic junk – To the Sortti- sorting stations, HSY`s touring collection vehicles or when purchasing a new item return the old one to the store

Energy saving light bulbs and fluorescent tubes – To the hazardous waste collection points, store or Sortti- sorting stations

More information about recycling


The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Center

HELSINKI        Kauppakartanonkatu 12, 00930 Helsinki

HELSINKI        Kyläsaarenkatu 8, 00580 Helsinki

HELSINKI        Keinulaudankuja 4, 00940 Helsinki

HELSINKI        Kylänvanhimmantie 29, 00640 Helsinki

ESPOO              Kutojantie 3, 02630 Espoo

ESPOO              Luoteisrinne 1, 02270 Espoo

VANTAA            Hosantie 2, 01360 Vantaa

VANTAA            Porttisuontie 7, 01200 Vantaa

Open Mon-Fri 9:00-20:00, Sat 10:00-18:00 and Sun 12:00-17:00

Free of charge pick-up service: tel. 050 501 4858

Open Mon-Fri  8:00-18:00



The Sortti Stations (HSY)

HELSINKI              Kivikonlaita 5, 00940 Helsinki

HELSINKI              Betonitie 3, 00390 Helsinki

ESPOO                    Ämmässuontie 8, 02820 Espoo

KIRKKONUMMI   Jorvaksentie 10, 02400 Kirkkonummi

VANTAA                 Klemmintie 7, Vantaa

Pick-up Sortti is a collection service for larger waste items produced by households.

For more information, call customer service: 09 1561 2110 (open Mon-Fri 8:30-15:30)

Waste points on the map